Hey guys, September 3rd was my 30th birthday and I wanted to keep the birthday theme going, so for the entire month of September I’m going to post something birthday related. Today I will be sharing 30 random facts about me and a few pictures of outfits that I wore on my birthday weekend.
1-I don’t like making new friend
2- I love drinking tea.
3- I’m scared of dog
4- I’m scared of cat
5- I can’t swim
6- I hate pickle and olive
7 my favorite person in the world is my daughter.
8- I don’t like to argue with people.
9- I don’t like sweet.
10- I don’t like chocolate cake.
11- I love kids.
12- I speak French, Creole and English. 
13- I hate asking people for help.
14-I don’t like people who are constantly complaining, and won’t make things happen.
15- I procrastinate on things sometime.
16- I love doing hair and makeup.
17- I love watching YouTube video.
18- I love to go the thrift store.
19- I’m addicted to drinking coffee.
20- I love exercising.
21- I hate shopping for bras.
22- I love pasta.
23- I  learned how to ride a bike at 17.
24- I love shoes.
25- I don't like to speak on the phone; I would spend days without calling anyone.
26- I met my dad when I was 9.
27- I never leave in the same house with my mom.
28- I love helping people, I feel bad if I don’t.
29- I love doing DIY.
30- I love to be organize.

1- Outfit details: Top- Ross/ Short- H&M/ Shoes- Target

2-  Outfit details: Dress- Century 21 in New York/ Shoe- Lamb

3- Outfit details: Shorts- Century 21 in New York/ Top- Ross/ Shoes- Rule21

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WOW!  I can’t believe my 30th birthday will be tomorrow. At first I was really excited that my birthday is coming and I am going to have a lot of fun with my friends and family.

My birthday is on September 3rd, two days before my birthday I got a call from my best friend as we were taking she said “one more day until your birthday” I said yes and we continued to speak on what we was going to do and how much fun we’re going to have, it Labor day week so I know it’s going to be nothing by fun. Then she hit me with the “you need to get married”. That’s when I started to really worry.

After speaking to her reality started to kick in. yes, I am really nervous and scared of turning 30. There are some things that I said I would do before my 30th birthday that I haven’t done yet, like getting married and buying a house. Maybe I am suppose to be married already maybe not, only God knows what the next few years will bring. I’ve been with my boy friend for five years now; we have a beautiful relationship and a beautiful daughter together. I would say life is good right now. It would have been nice if we were married already, but I am going to leave it in God hands because if married is in our future it will happen.

I thought by the time I turn 30 I would already buy a house, but no I am still renting. I know a house will come. This year will be the year where I save more and work more on my credit to purchase a house. That would be one of my goals to accomplish in 2017.

I am not going to focus on all the things that I haven’t accomplish in my life, instead I am going to focus on all the great things that I have accomplished. I have a bachelor degree in Criminal Justice; work at a successful law firm as a Paralegal. I have a beautiful daughter, I am in a beautiful relationship, and I am in good health….thank God.

Moving forward I am going to use all the accomplishments in my past to motivate me to do even greater things in my future. I will keep praying God for greater and bigger things for my future.

For my readers who are 30 and over how did you feel when you turn 30?



Good morning happy people,

This weekend i went to brunch with my sisters, and i wore this beautiful blush pink dress. I purchased this dress from forever 21 last year, i am still in love with it. Just because we are  in Fall  that doesn’t mean we have to completely forget our Summer fashion favorites. Leaving in South Florida make it even harder to just  jump right into sweaters. My Clutch is a gift from a friend who visited South Africa over the Summer. It is hand made, and i love the beautiful African print.

(Dress similar here) (Sandals similar here) (Clutch gift)