Hey guys, September 3rd was my 30th birthday and I wanted to keep the birthday theme going, so for the entire month of September I’m going to post something birthday related. Today I will be sharing 30 random facts about me and a few pictures of outfits that I wore on my birthday weekend.
1-I don’t like making new friend
2- I love drinking tea.
3- I’m scared of dog
4- I’m scared of cat
5- I can’t swim
6- I hate pickle and olive
7 my favorite person in the world is my daughter.
8- I don’t like to argue with people.
9- I don’t like sweet.
10- I don’t like chocolate cake.
11- I love kids.
12- I speak French, Creole and English. 
13- I hate asking people for help.
14-I don’t like people who are constantly complaining, and won’t make things happen.
15- I procrastinate on things sometime.
16- I love doing hair and makeup.
17- I love watching YouTube video.
18- I love to go the thrift store.
19- I’m addicted to drinking coffee.
20- I love exercising.
21- I hate shopping for bras.
22- I love pasta.
23- I  learned how to ride a bike at 17.
24- I love shoes.
25- I don't like to speak on the phone; I would spend days without calling anyone.
26- I met my dad when I was 9.
27- I never leave in the same house with my mom.
28- I love helping people, I feel bad if I don’t.
29- I love doing DIY.
30- I love to be organize.

1- Outfit details: Top- Ross/ Short- H&M/ Shoes- Target

2-  Outfit details: Dress- Century 21 in New York/ Shoe- Lamb

3- Outfit details: Shorts- Century 21 in New York/ Top- Ross/ Shoes- Rule21

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